Friday, 1 March 2019

Older Model Samsung SGH B130 Phone

SGH B130 Black - Dumb PhoneI guess with the Samsung SGH B130 coming out in 2008 we could class it as an old school / retro mobile phone now in 2019. It doesn’t have a built-in camera and all the other features that the more up to date phones now have like WiFi, Apps, Operating Systems, GPS etc. However, it does have everything you basic phone lovers need to make and take calls, send and receive texts, and the ability to talk on speaker phone.

This phone is available to buy SIM free on Amazon for very cheap including Postage. Very cheap! The Samsung SGH B130 does the basics well but It also has a few useful features as well like alarms, an Organiser, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Timer, World time and respectable stand by and talk time durations.

Samsung SGH B130 Quick Specification

  •     GSM 850/1900 (Dual Band)
  •     Simple
  •     Tough
  •     Comfortable In Hand
  •     MMS
  •     GPRS
  •     1.51 inch Screen
  •     Stand-by up to 300 hours
  •     Talk Time up to 400 minutes
  •     USB Charging Port
  •     Sar Level: 0.65 W/kg

This is a great little basic phone that fits in the hand nicely and looks more expensive than what it really is. It only costs a fiver after all!. The colour screen looks a bit basic having just 65K colours but a Samsung SGH B130 Phone is cheaper to buy than even the newer model budget Samsung phones like the E1080i and E1200. One thing to be aware of, though, is the battery that will come with the phone.

If it is a number of years old it might not hold a charge too well. And it most certainly won’t hit the stand-by and talk time durations stated in this post. It's pretty much the same with all the older models, including the classics, such as the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8210. Those specs (durations) are what the phone is capable of with a new battery. A brand new Battery for the SGH B130 costs not much at all, so the overall price works out to be not too expensive if you did need to buy a replacement.

So what do you do. Buy an older phone (B130) that is slightly cheaper than the entry-level Samsung’s like the E1080i and E1200, or do you go for the older option that may need a new battery at some point. I suppose it comes down to personal preference. All of them are good phones. But with the newer Samsung’s either of the models mentioned here will be brand new in the box with a new battery for an extra bit of money than the older Samsung B130 costs. Whereas the B130 will be most probably be in a used condition and have more mileage on the clock. It’s your call.

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