Thursday, 9 August 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Video Review 2018

Samsung's latest 2018 release, the Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon 845 + Android 8.1 Oreo) is the talking point for many tech fans this week. Reviews are fairly positive across the board. It looks great, apparently feels great in the hand, and is said to be somewhat improved from the previous model. Although some don't agree with that and claim that there really isn't much difference between the earlier model and the new Note 9. So what's different, or improved. Well, the back fingerprint sensor has been relocated to a more convenient location. The screen size is ever so slightly bigger than the Note 8, measuring 6.4 Inches compared to 6.3 Inches for the Note 8.

However, one of the most welcomed improvements on this model, and in my opinion, one of the things that most needs addressing for ALL Smartphones, is the battery life. The Note 9 has been kitted out with a massive 4000mAh battery that will no doubt last a lot longer than a day.Yes, even if you're one of the people who are glued to their phone for the best part of the day, like most people seem to be in 2018.

The Note 9 can be hooked up to external resources, such as a computer monitor, so the user can use the device just like you would with a graphics tablet, where what you do on the phone is projected on to the big screen. Great for watching video, creating artworks, and just getting work done in general. It's also water-cooled on the inside to keep the internal temperatures within optimal ranges. Great if you're someone who loves multi-tasking, running tons of Apps, 100 browser windows open at once, all while playing a resource zapping game at the same time.

It also has a picture "pop" feature which can assist in making your photos come to life. So its basically an editor that works very much the same as Instagram's editor, only its Samsung's own spin on it, and this one can do its job automatically if that's what you prefer. Pretty cool. By the way, the Stylus Pen has Bluetooth, which can be used to manage certain functions on the phone. Including camera options, App launching and music controls. Needless to say, the Note 9 is also water resistant and has wireless recharge.

Two different models are available, consisting of one that has 6GB RAM (128GB Internal storage) and the other which has 8GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage space. That's quite a difference in storage capacity. While both models are not exactly cheap with the "standard" model costing the best part of a thousand dollars ($999), there will no doubt be many people who will be buying this phone as soon as it hits the shelves. You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from tomorrow (August 10th 2018). Or, if you're in the UK you can pre-order right now and it will be shipped to you on the 30th August (512GB model). So if you want one, be quick before the rush comes. Colours available: Blue or Pink.


Anonymous said...

cost too much

StagedEventsAreHappening said...

Wondering if its possible to get one cheap (or free) on some kind of phone contract / tariff? I know I'll end up paying more money in the long run but at least its spaced out over 1 or 2 years in monthly installments.

Heluxtech said...

Hey StagedEventsAreHappening, it's a definite yes that all the major phone companies currently offering phone contracts will no doubt be using the Note 9 to help lure people into purchasing a multi-year contract. I don't think people will need much persuading.

So yes, if you want to do that in order to get a brand new Galaxy Note 9, that option will be there for you. But, while the hype is still in full flow you may have to pay a few hundred up front. If you can wait until the hype cools off a little, you will most probably be able to get the phone for free with the contract.

Non-Smartphone user said...

Technology has come so far. What phones can do now is just crazy to me. I don't even own a Smartphone though. I still use a Samsung B2100.