Thursday, 29 March 2018

Zanco Fly Super Small “Beat the Boss”

Zanco Fly White UKHere we have another super small mobile phone for all those people who just love the small cute ones. The Zanco Fly is another phone marketed as a “Beat the Boss”. Of course, this is mainly due to its small stature. But “Beat the Boss” also has other meanings.

These phones, if hidden properly, are basically undetectable. That is partly due to it being so small yes, but also because it’s mostly made from plastic. The internal metal content it does contain is minimal and more than likely won’t set off the majority of detectors that are hunting for metal items.

Please Note: That is not a guarantee! If you buy this phone for the specific purpose of sneaking it past some sort of metal detecting checkpoint, do your own checks beforehand, or just be a good boy and stop trying to beat the boss!

Sellers online list the Zanco Fly as being completely made from plastic, but there has to be some metal contained inside on the motherboard / circuit board, on board chips, and solder points. So lets say its 95% – 99% plastic. If it was 100% plastic I would be very surprised. Specially at this low price. And even if it was, there’s the SIM card to consider, which does contain metal. Can it go through metal detectors undetected? Well, that does depend massively on the sensitivity of the detector.

Anyway, enough about that. The Zanco Fly is one of the more well-built, feature rich miniature cellphones. It has a built-in voice changer which can change the way your voice sounds. Lots of fun. There are 13 different settings for this feature. Some include: A Mans voice, Child's, Old person, Cartoon, Young, Optimus, a Duck and a Robot.

It can also play MP3 music. It has numerous ring tones, an LCD OLED Screen, and can be set to different languages, like Portuguese, Italian, French, Hindi, Polish, etc. English (UK) is the default language setting. Common colours available are White (pictured), Black and Gold. Reviews are pretty good. This is a great little novelty phone. Perfect as a spare, second phone, or even as your main phone. Would also make a nice gift for someone who loves little gadgets. Don’t like this Zanco? Check out the tiny (finger sized) Long CZ J8 instead.

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