Sunday, 3 February 2019

Noza Tec 10.1" Quad Core Tablet Review

Cheap Tablets that are actually worth reviewing are becoming more common. Overall product quality is improving and prices are continuing to fall. That's a great combination for anyone who's in the market for a cheap new Tablet. More good news is that you don't have to settle for a 7" model that's only slightly bigger than your Smartphone. It's the 10 Inch models, along with some of the smaller versions of various brands, which are part of the price drop. Some of the 10" are just as affordable as a seven Inch model with the same spec. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the price of the Noza Tec reviewed here. It comes down to personal preference on this occasion, not price. Bigger or smaller? They both cost the same.


This model is now sold out (currently unavailable) in the UK.

So what can be said about the Noza Tec 10.1" Tablet?. Well, as far as specifications go it's quite "Run of the mill" really. The Noza Tec has an almost identical specification to a lot of the other budget priced Tablets currently out there for sale. Quad Core Processor (4 x 1.3GHz cores), Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating System, Dual Camera's (always poor on budget models), 1GB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, SD card slot, Micro USB port(s) and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, when it comes to the lower priced models, and some of the high-end ones too, stability can be an issue. Thankfully, this one is widely reported as being stable, which is most probably due to the 4.4 Kit Kat being one of the more well-behaved Operating Systems.

The 32GB storage in the Noza Tec Ten Inch is broken up into two parts. You have a 16GB of built into the device itself, and then another 16GB on a TF card that's included in the price. It has the Allwinner A33 Processor, which is common for the lower priced Tablets. But its a decent Processor that performs adequately in most areas. Required Language setting can be changed to almost anything you desire. German, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish. You get the idea. The list is long.

A good amount of accessories are included. Comes complete with mains charger, USB and OTG cables, user manual, stylus pen and protective sleeve. There are two packages to choose from. Both are basically the same, with the only difference being one is slightly more expensive (Not by much) and comes with an additional case / keyboard combination. That one is low on stock right now.

The NozaTec 10.1" is not going to break any records for screen quality, speed or touch screen responsiveness. But it is stable, affordable, and looks more expensive than what it really costs to buy. It performs the basics well.

The usual tasks that a lot of people do digitally these days like browsing the Internet for information, shopping and connecting with friends, Reading (Kindle), watching movies and YouTube clips, playing simple games and skyping etc, won't be a problem. Reviews are really good. A fairly good deal for the price. Please Note: This model does not have a HDMI slot.

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